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Amnesia Haze: 12 weeks of flowering, sudden leaves death in 3 days without a change?

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    COCO COIR Amnesia Haze: 12 weeks of flowering, sudden leaves death in 3 days without a change?

    Hi there,

    I've just harvested my Amnesia Haze after 151 days of growing. Stats: indoor, coco coir with LED lighting from SuperGreenLabs, 12 weeks of flowering and using Advanced Nutrients. I did not stop feeding the plant until I (just) harvested it, I wanted to interrupt feeding before the below change occured.

    I managed to get the plant safely to the flowering phase and the buds did not look "ready to harvest" yet after 151 days (see below), so I wanted to wait for roughly one more week. But suddenly, within 3 days, a great deal of leaves fell off and dried up, shrivelling together (see below as well). The plant looked healthy-ish before.

    Day 148: (flowering signs seem natural, yellowing leaves, etc., buds do not look "ready yet").

    Day 151: (suddenly, the leaves look dead and buds are still not ready. I did not make changes and only fed the plants normally as I did in the time before.)

    Any thoughts (on how to improve the maturation of the buds)? The change seemed a bit too sudden for a "natural late flowering effect". Maybe it is about changing the nutrient schedule and decreasing nutrients in the late phase of flowering? I did not change anything to my knowledge and just kept on feeding like before...

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello ars What I see in your pics is the plant taking the energy it had stored in the fans that are turning yellow. That's a normal process as the plant matures and puts all of its energy into flowering. Watching the trichomes is the best way to determine when to harvest. The fan leaves will give you a look at what's happening with your plant but all may not turn yellow at that point in the grow. Can you put up a pic of the buds at harvest? What color were the sugar leaves when you harvested?
    Auto/Photo Tent: Gorilla 2x4x7'11" HLG 350R, Infinity 4" w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite
    Autopot system
    Photo Tent: Gorilla 4x4x7'11" HLG Scorpion R, Infinity 6” w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite, Autopot system:
    Nutrients: CX Horticulture - full line for both tents


    • BaccaRacca
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      Agreed. Couldn't have written it better.

    • ars
      ars commented
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      Thanks for your thoughts! Although I may have harvested a bit too early, I'm relieved I didn't make another mistake. The sugar leaves where yellowing as well (and partly drying up/falling off), but they did not look as dead as the fan leaves.

      I was just surprised at the sudden nature of the change. I expected the fan leaves to turn yellow / fall off more slowly.

      @BaccaRacca: so you're not surprised about the sudden change of the fan leaves either?
      Last edited by ars; 09-21-2023, 06:34 PM. Reason: Added question.

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      ars No. Not surprised I've had some strains do it, while others not so much.

    Its taken stored nutes getting ready for harvest.
    1 Marshydro tsl 2000 @ 300 watt.
    1 sf2000 @200 watts
    2 philzon @230 watts
    2x4x5 tent
    3x6x8 closet
    Fox Farm ocean forest
    Black gold for seedling
    3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
    RH 40-60
    Temp 70-80
    Feeding with FF trio with molasses
    calmag and a little flower fuel
    Light at 10 -16 inches above canopy

    Finished growing: Durban poison x Atomic Shiva, Dark Matter x Atomic Shiva, Golden Goat x Atomic Shiva and Summit Sweet Skunk x Atomic Shiva

    Next up: Apple Fritter 2x, ATF, Og Kush.


    • ars
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      It looked past the point of "healthy" nute focus to me. But you think it was all fine as well? I'd actually be relieved.

      Do you think there can be a point in the late flowering phase where falling off leaves are bad or is it ALWAYS fine as long as the trichosomes look okay?

    • golfnrl
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      Others may not agree but, IMHO the trichomes are the driver and as long as they are in the cloudy range at harvest time it doesn't matter what the leaves look like as long as the plant is healthy overall.

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