NebulaHaze 's weekly newsletter is always a good read. I look forward to it every week. This week I was surprised to see a piece about BCTV. Take a look at the pics. I had this happen on my last grow. The symptoms described in the article fit my plants to a tee. The affected buds grew as described. The whole plant was not affected. Two plants, same tent, one affected worse than the other. I thought I had some bad auto seeds but doubted that because of where they came from (ILGM). I'm bothered but also I'm glad to know that my plants had a virus just to clear the air about what happened. I am a little perplexed as to how my plants became contaminated. I did not see any leaf hoppers, as described in Nebula's newsletter, or any leaf damage that would make me think I had bugs. I grow in coco/perlite. The only thing I can think of bug related is I did have a few fungus gnats in my photo tent and perhaps I cross contaminated. Maybe they are the culprit, IDK. But I did not have any BCTV damage in that tent though, so I'm not sure. I thoroughly wipe down my tents and grow equipment between grows. I have not used bleach, maybe I should. I'm putting this up just to confirm that BCTV is real and not just something that we see in a picture.