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First time harvest!

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    First time harvest!

    I harvested the gals today.

    Cut off the leaves and washed the buds (baking soda/lemon juice, two rinses). I decided not to chance things and wrapped the leaves in my mylars, sealed it in a trash bag and disposed of it. I'll do a series of cleanings to the area to cleanse it before growing next year.

    I'm not expecting much as it is my first grow and I made a bunch of mistakes. I used Miracle-Gro potting mix (which I hope to reuse after a couple more flushes) and the temps and RH in my shed were less than ideal (too hot (80's - 90), and too humid (76 - 85). I also didn't have sufficient air circulation and I didn't address the insect problem soon enough.

    But now I know for next year!! Once I get to the curing stage I'll have proper temp/RH, so I'm hoping between that and the bud wash I'll have something that'll be smokable!

    Congrats! It's a great sense of satisfaction / achievement bringing cannabis to harvest!
    I recently finished my own 3rd grow. As you wrote - Now you know for next year. Me too. Here's to this & future grows!
    Share a pic or two...


      Yes, congrats MrMike: harvest is a good thing! You have learned that in today's climate, growing cannabis requires investment in some appliances and suchlike to control temp and humidity. I grow indoors because I know that the alternative where I live (lots of bugs, hot and humid) is simply not worth the gamble.
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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        Congrats on the first of what I hope are many harvests for you. Nothing like the very first one! Even if everything didn't go right there's nothing like smoking your own home grown weed. And...there's always the next grow to improve your craft.
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