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    HELP! Cannabis sex

    I’m a newbie!!! Please help!!! Is this a male or female??? Can you tell yet?? I’m stressing out trying to figure out lol

    Thank u!!

    It's looking male/hermie to me.

    As I always do I give them more time just in case. But it hasn't helped me yet.
    Grow Room: 11' x 7' x 7.5'H, 480w AC, 13gal/day dehumidifier, 1.5gal ultrasonic humidifier, 60gal (27gal usable) nute tank, 20" & 16" pedestal fans & 18" wall fan. Lighting, fertigation and climate automated
    Lights: 2 x SF-7000, 5 x 30w 660&730nm supp. red boosters, 4 x 80w 5000K corner fills
    Medium: Coco 100%, 13gal pots, drain to waste
    Current Grow: 4 x photos, old school, 66 days of veg flipped 25 Feb harvested day 65F 3lb11oz.
    Previous Grow: Lots of big dead mouldy buds, medium and small buds made it, barely. Primarily indica traits. Cured in glass jars.


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