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    Thanks, kiddos. It's done wonders since I realized last grow that I was only giving 1/3 the flowering nutes. We're all on track with this one. Still, Chessgirl and Jr. Varsity are 12 and 9 inches shorter, respectively, than the Olympian and Varsity.
    I'mma gonna havta give my breeder 5 stars on his website.
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      I wound up getting one of those silicon trichome bruisers y'all have heard about, to get things gingering. I used the .5mm at first and wound up with the 3mm because I am lazy and wanted to get it done. Lots of work. Started on Wednesday and have good ginger trichomes. The Olympian got the most bruising.
      The smell got pretty damn strong. I could smell it in my bedroom, which means nothing to any of you because you have not been to my apartment, that I am aware of. I do not like an overpowering scent of any sort. This got stargazer lily pistil strong.
      Indicator leaves (fans that die in late-stage flowering) discolored and died.
      These are the tallest auto or feminized plants I have grown. Also, the stinky-est. Also, the trichomiest under my light. The light is super bright and white and washes colors.
      I do not know how dense they are as I would rather have the trichomes lost in bud pinching than knowledge of what I might get.
      Kudos to the breeder!
      Feel me?

      Click image for larger version

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        What's a silicone trichome bruiser?
        keeping it green with the soil thing
        love me some frosty autos
        Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
        the fruit basket
        blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy


          A silicon trichome bruiser. Think rigid wire with a silicon paddle at the end. The silicon paddles are interchangeable depending on the size you want. I also used the mouth pliers. You need three hands to hold the sugar leaf, loupe, and bruiser. The mouth pliers are like an extra hand to hold the leaves.
          If trichomes are taking too long to turn ginger, you can bruise them to hurry things along. Keep the ginger even between the plants.
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