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    An Aerogarden is a tabletop hydroponic growing system mostly for herbs, lettuces and some flowers. I have the 9-pod system ( currently growing a boatload of catnip lol)

    THe total height from light to base in this model is 24" I'll have to check what the (led) wattage is on this model as well.

    I'm wondering if short-growing autos could be grown with this system

    Not with any real harvest. Autos get 12"-48" tall without the pot, no head room left, the LED is most likely to weak for our girls.


    • SoOrbudgal
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      I agree with Rwise no where near tall enough and removing from those net pots without damaging the roots would be challenging i think

    That's for growing lettuce. Weed takes more light than even citrus plants. You can look at any person's grow logs and get a feel for what might work and seem fun and affordable to you.
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      Yah I figured the lighting would be insufficient and 24" not high enough for plant to flourish. Just thought I'd ask though.


      • dirtymike
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        Its been tried a few times, seed starter at best is what ive been told.

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