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White widow update

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    White widow update

    I flushed about 14 days ago. I gave her her first dose of recharge about a week ago. I haven't noticed much of a change.
    Russet mites have been ruled out by a few people.
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    Hmm i don't use that recharge do you think it's root bound? Is it a photoperiod ? I don't stop giving some N with my bloom and i also water to runoff slowly but i don't want to waist alot of fert water so just enough for it to run abit out the bottom.. And when i see what you've tried i'd flush next time with epsom salts in my water. That's all i use for Mag is epsom salts.


    • demcc3
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      I forgot to was recommended that I go to larger pot (5-7gal) so I did that just before I flushed

    • Bluey
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      Is that light burn I am looking at in the photos?

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