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    Ice cube nutes

    My RV was replaced and I ended up with a bunch of mini ice cube trays. Would there be any advantages to making my general hydroponic feed and filling the ice cubes trays and feeding my girls nute cubes? Growing in coco coir.

    I dont know how many plants your feeding or the size of your containers but i think this would need a shit ton of ice cubes every time you water. I have 5 plants in 3 gallon bags on the go, water every 3-4 days and use around 4 gallons of water each time. I know the idea, i watch my aunt and uncles place when they travel and the order was...the orchid only gets one ice cube a week. i thought it was weird but that sucker is thriving..
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
    Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
    General Hydroponics Flora Series

    Auto plants Strawberry Pie Auto(fast bud) Night Queen Auto(dutch passion) Chem Dog Auto(ethos) Unknown mix Auto(butterbean seeds)
    Photo plants Blue Cheese(butterbean seeds) Green Crack(Canuk seeds)
    Purple Gelatto(Canuk seeds)


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