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Orange zkittles breeding project

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    Orange zkittles breeding project

    I have a few breeding projects over been working on for the last few years and want to talk about the one I'm currently growing. Maybe some of you would be interested in also throwing some of these beans to find phenotypes.

    Several years ago I crossed an auto Zkittles with house of great gardener's Orange Barb photo, which is good producing, very orange flavored, and strong. It had been a favorite but I was curious about producing something even sweeter and more genetically fruity or candy like. I also thought it would be fun to run the lines and try to get stable auto version and and stable photo, and be open to choosing best phenos along the way.

    Unsurprisingly I got distracted by other varieties and also had so much of the orange Zkittles f1 cross from an outdoor grow that I wasn't interested in working on the project since the first cross until this summer.

    I now have two plants six weeks into flower and they're both expressing very differently. These each are F1 crosses from the Skittles and orange barb plants but are pretty different phenos, number one is growing incredibly well and easily, with fast vigorous growth and would take all the abuse I could throw at it during training, number two was a little bit more of a diva but hasn't really been that picky either, definitely slower growth and reacts to stress with less patience. Now that they are flowering out, number one smells pretty good, very much like Skittles, it is frosty but the buds are thin so far, but number two is great, huge orange smell that fills the basement when I open the tent, also with some of the sweet Zkittles flavor, and buds that are already really frosty and fattening up nicely. Unfortunately number two also has more yellowing leaves. Both of these are my first all organics plants indoors and seem to be yellowing a little earlier than usual, I've added top dressing using Earth dust and also compost tea so perhaps it's just genetics and senescence. Also I built the soil using a combination of ocean forest and my own homemade worm compost and regular compost along with some composted chicken manure and rice hulls so who knows if I got the mix right, I just kind of made it up.

    I have four clones going, two from each plant, and will be flowering those soon so I can turn two of them male and do crosses with both each other and self-crosses, but right now I might only be interested in the seeds that come from the number two plant. The plan is to get rid of the seeds from whichever plant is the worst and to continue doing that to improve the line, probably would figure that out through a sea of Green. It might be another 2 years until I decide to work on it again, who knows, I'm now in the mood for classic old school chem diesel flavors.

    I also happened to have some pollen I made from an all CBD pure red from sweet seeds that has an amazing color and really strong impressive floral fruity smell, I was using it for a different breeding project to make a low octane red AK and it worked out really well. I've chucked that pollen at one branch of both of these crosses for a possible blood orange Zkittles in spite of myself, I realize I don't want this to be genetics soup. However I really like super quality terpene in a relatively low THC package, like 10-15%, so I can smoke a lot without getting totally zapped, so maybe crossing the all CBD plant will bring the high THC Zkittles down a bit.

    Anyway now that seeds are legal to send in the mail and growing is legal in many states if anyone is interested in working on this project with me let me know. I'd only ask that you keep and share detailed notes with me. If you're interested in pheno hunting and stable seed production, that's even better.

    Here's a pic of the two OZ crosses, number two (The, so far, better producing and better smelling but more finicky) is on the right.Click image for larger version

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      Man that's the bomb what your doing. Zkittles is a strain which i'm very fond of.

    following your effort
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      Go Ben Franklin ! Nice job. ✅Subscribed
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      • Franklin
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        Hahaha thanks

      That is a LOT of work you are doing. Congratulations on your project and I hope you get your results. Please post your final results and opinions on the grow, Thanks
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        The orange Zkittles crosses are in week 8 since 12/12 and nearing harvest. The spur of the moment cross between my red CBD pollen and each of them seems to have gone okay, I did not accidentally pollinate everything which was my fear and kept it to a small branch on each plant that seems to have about five or six seeds each, which is exactly what I was aiming for. Photo of one of the seeds enclosed. If the resulting seeds produce plants that keep the red color and the orange flavor and smell it would be amazing.

        I took two clones from each plant and sprayed one each with colloidal silver for about 15 days after switching to 12/12 while keeping the other two clones vegging for about 19 days before switching those to flower. My goal is to pollinate a cross between the two plants as well as a self-pollination for each.

        Right now the orange zkittles number two is the real winner in terms of smell, it is just an overpowering blood orange sweetness that is so amazingly close to the smell of orange candy you wouldn't believe it. The number one continues to grow better but the smell is more like northern lights, it's hard to explain but I know I've smelled it before, it basically just smells like weed. So when I run these next round of seeds I'm pretty sure I will stick to the seeds from the number two or the cross and dump the seeds from the number one, but it depends on how everything smokes. Got to say I don't know how long it will be until I run those, frankly I just don't smoke that much and I'm interested in running some stinky sour stuff next.

        I did have a setback because I switched everything to all organics not really knowing what I was doing and I think I starved both of the orange zkittles during flower, everything got really yellow and I lost all of my fan leaves too early, maybe by the 6th week. Pretty sure it also hurt my yield. Doesn't really bother me too much because in the long run I'll be happy with the living soil I'm working on building.

        I'm also growing a Thai chili pepper in my extra space and it's doing extremely well, lots of flowers and fruit just beginning to form.


        • SoOrbudgal
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          You are doing great things in that tent. It's beautiful an clean well organized High Five dude keep on truckin

        Updates. The two orange Zkittles are hanging to dry. I'm not sure what happened to them but it wasn't good, seemed like a nitrogen issue, all the fan leaves yellowed from bottom up. As I said before, I switched from using nutrients in bottles to all organic and I think it wasn't a good thing to do a hard shift, but I'm glad I did it anyway. Regardless, the weed sure to smell good, especially OZ №2. Now on to the breeding portion of this show. I culled the male OZ #№1 because I like the smell of the OZ №2 so much better. I figured the risk of accidental pollination wasn't good and wanted to keep my controls tight. So I have now pollinated both clones, essentially a self-pollination S1 of two clones from the same OZ №2 and an F1 cross of the OZ №1 and OZ №2. The male is about two to three weeks ahead of the females for flowering and is ripe. The male just finished fifth week and the females are entering their third.

        The plants all look ok but they are all yellowing again from the bottom! Especially the male. I top dressed with a couple tablespoons of Boost earth dust 10 days ago and then aerated worm compost tea along with a top dress of compost eight days ago, and then a watering with a tea of steeped boost two days ago yet the yellowing continues. Any thoughts? They're in a rich soil of ocean forest mixed with compost and rice hulls. Due to the winter it's been fairly cold, 60 degrees at "night" (my day) and 75 at "day". Maybe they're just getting older but at three weeks into flower it seems too early for yellow leaves and their cloned parents did the same thing. Even though this is mostly a seed run I don't want a bunch of lanky, sugar leaf only, plants again.

        ​​​​​​The Thai chili is growing amazingly well and I have about 7 peppers ripening on it, with two dozen more on their way.
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          Some additional pics of the yellowing. The male is yellowing much more than the females but the females are in five gallon pots and the male is in a three gallon pot, so maybe it is simple nitrogen deficiency. On the other hand the male is two weeks ahead and, as I've said, this same thing happened to their moms and those were in seven gallon pots.
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            Aaaaaaand a pic of drying. OZ №² on the right. I got four seeds from the impulsive Red CBD x OZ cross, only one less than I wanted. As you can see though, this isn't the impressive harvest everyone wants
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              After curing, I yielded about 2 ounces per plant, I didn't weigh it before I gave a bunch away and made dry ice hash so that's just a guess. My switch to all organic definitely hurt my yields but the flower quality is really good! I was totally wrong with my prediction of which plant I would like better, the OZ № 2 does indeed smell much more orangy, but the OZ № 1 has a really nice funk to it that can only be picked up when you smoke it, coats the back of your tongue and throat in a really nice way.

              The pollination is going super well, it looks like I'm going to have plenty of seeds from the cross, can't post a picture right now because the lights are off.

              I took the opportunity to make dry ice hash with the OZ freshly cured flower, did about half of each one in a number 73 bag and Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20221231_070103286.jpg
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ID:	584360got about 3 g. I've never made dry ice hash before, IT IS SO EASY! Super fun, highly recommended. I then used a number 120 bag on a bunch of older weed and trim and got about 30 g, and I also made a pure CBD flower only hash and got about 4 and 1/2 g from that. I've only tried the CBD flower hash and there has got to be some THC in there, it was mildly psychedelic, like extremely vivid waking dreams. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have ever made hash from only CBD flowers, but it's got to be rare. All of the hash is amazing though, the aromas are so different and incredible, the OZ is super orangey of course, the mix has a really nice pine, and the CBD is like floral incense.
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                franklin have you had some of the original breeding genetics show up yet?? i suspect you have grown your strain out several times with seeds you created.....hard to keyboard with one hand...


                  This was my second time growing it out so the seeds from this round, which will be ready in a few weeks, will be f2. One of the plants smokes exactly like I wanted it to, a perfect blend of orange and Zkittles, just pure orange candy, it's really something. I bred a clone of that plant with itself and those seeds will be ready soon. I also bred that with a clone of its sister, which frankly doesn't smell like it's going to be great, it's just a mild orange smell, but it smokes so good! Orange flavor is in there but there's some stinkiness, gas or diesel or something, that coats the back of your throat. That wasn't in the original genetics of either Skittles or the orange barb, so I must have pulled out some recessive genes. I actually prefer it to what I was trying to make! So I will have seeds of that crossed with the orange variation too. How's your hand doing? Hope it's healing up.


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                    i have grown out thai, strawberry cough, and cotton candy kush several times over the past 3 or 4 years and every time the plant have always grown with sativa branching..."i am referring to there respective crosse's" but this past summer the wife had 4 plants in the garden and 3 turned out male so i pulled 2 males but left 1 because he was beautiful and had strong hash smell...i suspect that was from the c.c.k...i allowed him to pollinate a branch.. currently i am growing one of them out, but the thing is, the sativa branching has always been there with the cross, not this time and the smell is very different. more on the piney side... Not complaining just kind of awed how the recessive jeans can show up with something different...

                    I really should read up on basic breeding..

                  Very interesting. It's just like how biological siblings can be so different from each other and from their parents.


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                    Thanks for starting the thread bud - interesting reading. “Sticky Fingers” and all 🤣

                  Very cool project...way above my pay grade. Maybe when I have more experience I could participate but for now I'm in awe and will just watch.
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                    This has now gone public so I can feel free to share -For those not familiar with the strain I'm involved in the Frankenstein Group. Frankenstein is a strain developed by Johnny Potseed that for 20 years has only been available through cuttings. We have managed to successfully reverse engineer the plant to produce feminized seeds (available to the public shortly). At this point the project has produced two VERY distinct phenotypes - Hilda & Olive [AKA Hildagiggle & Olive Goil]. I'm watching your project eagerly and keeping my yellow sticky paper out to catch any bits of information that might be flying about. PM me some time
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Olive (back), Hilda (front) she's the Momma; just topped for cutting.


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