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    SOIL Cannabis

    When is the best time to feed cannabis in the dark or in the light time ?, im a new beggiener

    When it needs watering. Doing so will raise humidity though, so lights off it will be higher than if you waited until lights on.


      When it is most convenient for you.
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        I'd advise against trying to water your plants in the dark. You might hurt yourself, lol.
        Seriously though; water when they need it.


          2-3 hours after lights on.
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            I don't think I've ever tried watering in the dark. Is that like having sex with no lights on? Seriously though it makes little difference. Water whenever you want....of course only when the plant needs it.
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              dilvish lol.

              You think he's coming back?


                For those who are just starting to grow cannabis, there is a somewhat simplified way to use organic nutrients when growing autoflowers efficiently. I advise using only the highest quality fertilizers, but they are not available everywhere, so choose those that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the proper proportions. For example, I bought fertilizer at Burlington's favorite dispensary. As for when to feed cannabis, day or night, I think it does not matter. The main thing is that day and night temperatures do not differ much.
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                  Beg to differ there newbie

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                  That's not very kind.

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