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How much does seed genetics and breeder affect final product?

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    HELP! How much does seed genetics and breeder affect final product?

    I've been wondering how much the genetics and breeder of seeds affect the final product?

    I've been buying feminized seeds from Ilgm and have been happy with the quality of final product... But my buddy who also grows only buys seeds from high end breeders, most of which are cross strains or have more than 2 strains crossed and his buds are far more colorful, flavor, aroma, crystals, etc.

    His setup isn't nearly as nice as mine, nor are his growing practices. I think I do better with things like keeping Vpd at perfect levels, ppfd, ec/ppm, etc... But he ends up with better quality buds still.

    For example, I just finished growing some Tropicana cookies from feminized Ilgm seeds and he also just finished growing Tropicana cookies using seeds from a different breeder and his tc is far more colorful, more fragrant, more crystals, more flavor.

    Thats why I'm curious what you guys think about seed genetics, the role they play, where to buy, and thoughts on Ilgm seeds.

    Thank you! ​

    I've had my best plants from Humboldt strains.


      Genetics matter and differ from breeder to breeder, so does environmental differences from grower to grower.

      The grass is always green (pun intended) syndrome affects a lot of Growers and to be sure you and your buddy could do a side by side with the same clones from the same seeds from the same pack from the same breeder and see what phenotypical differences pop out, if any.
      I'll teabag your drumset.


        Here’s the difference. My Tropicana cookies from Ilgm and his from a different breeder. Mine are the bigger, greener nugs. The color, aroma, and trichome differences is what has me really thinking the seeds play a huge role. My grow went quite well overall but I may be lacking some color because I wasn’t able to get it as cool as I’d hoped the last week or 2 of flower. Was still around 80 degrees during the day and mid 70’s at night. But idk how much difference that would play honestly.


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          I see potential differences in the drying and curing process.

        My experience is the seeds, genetics, breeders info, and grow guides are all well and good but it doesn't matter how perfect all of that is if the grow environment is not the best. I am not the most experienced but I have had my best grow with the biggest buds using Gold Leaf seeds from ILGM. Doesn't mean I won't use seeds from another provider, I will soon be growing with Ace seeds but ILGM will always have a place on my seed list unless their product changes significantly. I think Mr.furley has nailed it, unless you do a side by side you'll never really know. It sounds like you have the experience to pull it off. Interesting topic.
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          Genetics plus growing environment are everything.
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            it matters more than any other variable


              Genetics vs. Breeder?

              Depends on both I reckon.

              I have grown the ILGM White Widow repeatedly with excellent results, but ILGM has been stabilizing that particular cultivar for decades and they've got it dialed.

              ILGM is a breeder but they don't grow all the seeds they sell. They may be sourcing your TC seeds from some rando nuevo breeder chasing the next big thing. Or your friend has a source that is better at working the seed line. Could be.

              But consider this: Genotype is the actual DNA in a seed. Phenotype is the expression of the genotype in an actual grow in real world conditions. So, even if your seeds were from the same vendor as your friend, you may have significant variations between seeds and also in reaction to the specific environment they are grown in. Every single seed is different, and every grow is unique. Every breeder makes different choices even if they start with the same batch of seeds.

              You sound like you have good controls in your growroom, but suppose TC is exceptionally sensitive to VPD or Temperature conditions that are outside your targets? Less than optimal results than your friend who doesn't even know what VPD is. So, yeah, Genetics + Breeder + Grower: co-conspirators determining the outcome.

              There's no way of guessing the optimal conditions until you've grown the same seeds repeatedly.

              Best Regards,

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                Very well put, I appreciate it! I would love to grow the same strain, but from different breeders side by side. Would be a fun experiment!

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