Hi! I'm adding an R/O system to my sink because my tap water that I have been using starts with over 500ppm. I'm wanting to switch to r/o to have a cleaner starting point.

My question is this, when using r/o water I know that I will need to add calmag, but always in the past when using mainly tap water, I will water the plants with nutrients once or twice then I water once with no nutrients added.

Now that I will be using r/o water for my plants instead of my tap, can I still stick to the water with nutrients once or twice then just pure r/o water schedule.. Or what would be the best way to do it?

I don't like the idea of adding nutrients every single time I water water but if that's the solution that's what I will do.

And if I can still stick to my normal schedule of water once or twice with nutes, then once without.. Do I need to add anything to the r/o water on the non feeding water?

Thank you!