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Time to chop I believe.

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    SOIL Time to chop I believe.

    Trichomes and buds look way better since the last reach for help. So I do believe it’s chopping time.

    Originally posted by Stankybud
    I would say no, but then that picture sucks
    yeah unfortunately the site won’t let me upload some of the higher res pics for some reason. Most of the trichomes have cloudy head and purple stem. From my understanding some strains won’t produce amber trichomes.


    • KLAX
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      Editing a comment
      Hi DeeJay7624 -

      The site has a 2mb size limit as I understand it. If you are a Mac user, you can PM me and I will explain how to reduce the size of your pics. It is very simple and straight forward. If you're not a Mac user, sorry but I can't help. Either way, if you plan to post many pictures, it is something you may want to learn to do. Good luck!

    There is a size limit on pics, you will need to make them smaller.


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