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Any idea what could cause this in seedlings?

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    HELP! Any idea what could cause this in seedlings?

    Please Help any guidance would be very appreciated!

    Hi folks, newer member, first time posting. Few years dirt experience, newer hydro (less than two years). Hydro is a bit more involved and quite frankly can be a pain in the ass.

    I have been running into this vein yellowing issue quite a bit recently and I’m going a little bit nuts! My initial guess was a deficiency (maybe cal, mag, iron or nitrogen). After going through my prep notes all seemed good and my ppm (EC) was in my desired range (perhaps a little higher than normal with the CalMag but there isn’t any evidence of nute burn that I could tell). Next guess was LED stress. I measured the PAR value and was low (150 PPFD). Here are some data points:

    1. RDWC/aeroponics hybrid
    2. PPFD 150
    3. Bloomspect S1000 LED (qty 4/tent, 1/plant)
    4. 32” from plant at 25% power
    5. Humidity 55%
    6. air temp 77-81
    7. GH flora trio with calmagic ( I add cal/mag as I use distilled)
    8. EC 0.7-.0.9
    8. Strain LSD 25 Auto
    9.water temp averages 72 with hydrogaurd
    10. PH target 5.8 , daily range 5.6-6.0
    11. Tent(s) Spider Farmer 5x5x7
    let me know other specs you may need

    let me know if cannot zoom in enough and I can take closer shots.

    Cheers folks
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    No advice from anyone? Am I posting incorrectly?


      What happens as they continue to grow?


        Thanks 3berries for the response. They are at about three weeks in since germination. The thing is they get to about the size that is shown in the pictures I attached and then basically just freeze. Almost reminds me of shock of some sort. My only thought is that the LEDs are burning them but as I measure the par values I don’t see anything that would raise a flag. The pause or freeze that I mentioned may be the plant focusing on building a root structure and that is where it’s energy is going. I keep lights 18 to 36 inches away
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          Is it getting any micro nutrients like copper, zinc or manganese from the nutes?


            Yes I am using the GH flora trio with, calmag and rapid start including iron. I use calmag throughout my grow, I use only distilled water
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              I dont grow this way but I dont see any water temp information. Go post in the hydroponic section of grasscity Forums, good luck



                Thanks grobuddy will do. My water temps stay at 70-75 with hydrogaurd.


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                  Not gonna lie i dont know anything about growing like that. Just give the same post add that and may take a bit, but someone will be along to help I'll tag a couple people if no one comes after a while.

                Just posted GroBuddy, cheers!


                  Hit the link at the top of this page "Plant Problems" and look at sulfur def.
                  Problem: A cannabis sulfur deficiency causes yellowing of leaves, usually starting with the newer leaves. At first it may look like a nitrogen deficiency.


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