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Question about DWC Top Drip Hydroponic Water & Nutrient Reservoir

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    Question about DWC Top Drip Hydroponic Water & Nutrient Reservoir

    I have a DWC Top Drip Hydroponic System and I wanted to ask a question? I have a extra submersible water pump can I put this in the Reservoir just to keep the water circulating in the tank so the water and nutrients stay mixed all the time? I am new to this so this is why I am asking could I do this or should I even use my extra submersible water pump to do this? I would like any feedback I could get please! Thank you!

    I have a chiller attached to my reservoir that keeps the temp around 70 F and of course circulates the water. Air bubblers also help the water to circulate around; do you have them in your reservoir? How are you aerating the roots?
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      Howdy Ivanh. Adding an extra pump will circulate the nutrient mix and help to keep it mixed up (not confused, as I sometimes am! LOL), but the added circulation will raise the temperature a little. I generally stop the circulation/ bottom feed pump after the roots get well established down into the reservoir. I have noticed a temperature drop of 1.5° to 3.0° F after turning off the pump. I use ice bottles to keep the water temperature below 70° F, so every little reduction in heat helps.
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