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Cat Pee Maui Waui?!? Mold or Paranoia?!

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    Cat Pee Maui Waui?!? Mold or Paranoia?!

    Hello, I had a few diff strains in the last grow, 3 of them turned out great but 1 I am unsure about… they all have diff smells (of course cause diff strains,) but the Maui seems to have a cat pee smell to me (wife says she doesn’t smell it.) It has fully cured over 2 months and should be good to go, but it still has the smell. I took some detailed microscope pics, so hopefully someone can tell me these are just some odd trichomes… I def do not see any mold w the naked eye and everytime I’ve seen mold on friends plants or in online pics, it’s large enough to be seen w naked eye. Pls tell me what you see. Thanks!
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    Hi, I've never seen mold in person either. Most pics I've seen of it weren't microscopic but it was evident. Other than one area of one of your pics - possibly just a color variation - I'm not seeing it. Hopefully someone unfortunately more experienced will reply. G'luck!
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      Alright, alright - I will fall on my sword and rid you of that bad, bad, cat pee mold weed. I'm just naturally one of those sheep dog types, you know Actually if you're worried, maybe mix a little of it with a lot of something else to discern any bad stuff. I WOULD smoke your weed 'cause a friend with weed is a friend INDEED!!!
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        Those white things don't look good and shouldn't be there. If you smell the am monia smell, get rid of it.
        Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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        • BR2K
          BR2K commented
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          I have to agree with alltatup. My experience isn't up to that level. Sorry, Grundogg, after careful consideration I rescind my offer to consume your harvest. Hopefully, you'll get some good stuff!

        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          BR2K A wise decision!! Save your lungs and live to smoke another day!!!

        The Santa Marta Colombian Gold I grew was described as tasting like cat piss (ok who the hell tasted the cat piss?), it is aromatic.
        I have a Hawaiian cat piss x ghost train haze growing now, I hope it gets stinky too!


        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          Not a cat piss taster but I accidentally tasted 91% ISO the other day. Blech. I have used litter here if you really want to experience that smell.

        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          I wouldn't buy seeds with the descriptor Cat piss in their name. Here are some more I'll never buy: Dog Turd, Curdled Milk, Rotten Apple, or Vomit. Just in case anyone breeds those seeds...

        • Puglover1
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          ATU - I'm heading to bed or I'd open both local dispo menus, there's some weird-named strains on there. Unappetizing.

        The fuzzy is mold.
        keeping it green with the soil thing
        love me some frosty autos
        Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
        the fruit basket
        blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy


          Thanks all for the replies!! Luckily this is 1 small batch and the rest are nice. Not sure how this happened since if anything my tent was too dry.. oh well, lesson learned. Maybe I can grind ip and turn into RSO? Thanks!!


            IF it is moldy toss it in the waist can, the mold cannot be removed.


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