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what damages leaves like this

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    SOIL what damages leaves like this

    Found one caterpilliar looking bug 1cm into the soil.
    I often clean plant from aphids.
    I know leaves discolour becase of Magnesium but I dont understand this white spots, white damaged leaves. is it bugs eating or what. plant is slowly dying from the bottom I dont want to lose this orange bud haha.
    from start until now I used 0 nutrients. Only good quality soil
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    looks like a ph fluctuation


      Said they weren't using nutes, maybe drying out too much causing the pH swings?


        Agree with the Ace1973, ph fluctuation is the most possible reason


          Those light brown spots don't look like pH fluctuation at all: it looks like something nibbling or something splattered onto leaves and burned a lil bit.

          pH problems never cause "spots" like that that I've ever seen before. A systemic issue like that will not appear sporadically, but consistently on leaves.

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