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Seedling looks like its dying

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    HELP! Seedling looks like its dying

    I have multiple seedlings under led lights and this is the only one that looks like this. Soil and water ph level is normal and I have a ventilator so it isnt too hot.

    Help plz
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    More info would help. What light and how close. They’ll probably be OK in the long run. I ha d a few like this but her they are now. New growth looks good. Click image for larger version

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    New indoors grower.
    super soil, Pmoss, perlite mix
    2-100w dimmable quantum led panels
    2’x3’ grow space lined with auto windshield reflectors.
    4” carbon filter + other exhaust fans + one 6” fan on the plants.
    Dyna Grow + nutrients


      Here bud read up. We all learn from investagating.

      Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Cannabis Plants! | Grow Weed Easy
      Last edited by LemonBud; 05-15-2022, 06:23 AM.
      1 sf2000 @200 watts
      2 philzon @230 watts
      3x2x5 tent
      coast of maine stonington blend
      coast of maine seed starter
      3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
      RH 40-60
      Temp 70-80trio
      Feeding with FF trio with molasses
      calmag and a little flower fuel
      Light at 16 inches above canopy
      growing Big Bud, Nitro lemon haze, Black and Blue, Power Glue and Original grape 48.


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