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Going on 5 week of flower

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    Going on 5 week of flower

    Hi GW farmers just wanted to find out with these pics if I should pluck any fan leaves. I have been tucking seems like there getting food and water ok. Thanks Peace out

    Attached Files
    1 sf2000 @200 watts
    2 philzon @230 watts
    3x2x5 tent
    coast of maine stonington blend
    coast of maine seed starter
    3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
    RH 40-60
    Temp 70-80trio
    Feeding with FF trio with molasses
    calmag and a little flower fuel
    Light at 16 inches above canopy
    growing Big Bud, Nitro lemon haze, Black and Blue, Power Glue and Original grape 48.

    For me week 5 is too late to do any plucking.


      Depends on what's under them? I just trimmed some off my 5 weekers so the interior gets more light.


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