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    New with DWC Grow

    Hi All!

    New grower here

    With my eng background I couldn't resist to built my DWC system with monitoring and control of pH, water temp, temp and humidity and I love it!

    But my horticulture skills are not great yet, after months I haven't managed to test the results of my work yet šŸ˜œ

    I'm in the middle of a new grow session and this happened

    Nutrients I'm using: sensiA&B 3.5ml first 2 weeks, 7ml third week and now 14 ml each week. In a water container of 7L. pH always around 6, temp ranges between 23 and 26.

    Only values out of range:
    - humidity around 30
    - water temp high as 22/23 sometimes

    I thought that maybe some more experienced grower can give me some advice here. What could be the cause of this?



    Howdy Hydrodev, I am just about to begin harvesting my eleventh DWC grow. You should keep the water temperature between 17Ā° C and 21Ā° C and cover over or block any and all possible light leaks into the reservoir to help control root rot (brown algae). The water should be very well aeriated as well, I am using four 2-inch x 4-inch air stones in each of my 6-gallon reservoirs. The discoloration on the leaf could be from a pH problem or a mineral deficiency, both of which can be caused by the brown algae. The plants take up the varying nutrients at varying pH levels, so by maintaining a 'strict' level of 6.0, You could be 'starving' the plants of some of the nutrients. Over the past grows, I have found that by letting the pH fluctuate between 5.5 and 6.5, the plants have done better. The pH level will change thru normal nutrient uptake and by letting the pH fluctuate, the plants are more able to take up the different nutrients, I just try to get the pH at or below 6.0 (usually around 5,75) when I mix up a batch of nutrient and only check the water in the reservoirs when I drain them at the start of a new feed week to see if there is any change (no change can indicate a 'nutrient lock out' and indicate a problem). If things are well the pH at the end of the week is, usually, between 6.5 and 6.75.
    Good luck with Your growing.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Iā€™m new too, but your pics looks most like the calcium deficiency section of this guide.
      Just my 2 cents, good luck!
      Bubbly rdwc
      Cold water
      GH flora


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