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    HYDRO Question Water Level

    I am using DWC.

    What is the appropriate water level?

    Which is correct, A or B?

    What is the distance?

    Please check the attached picture.

    I'd say A: you need air around the roots as well as oxygen; you don't want to drown them! Roots are supposed to grow down into the reservoir. I would never fill it up to the top
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      Howdy Konepure, I will go with "A", if it is 1 to 1 1/2 inches (approx. 25 to 35 mm). Like alltatup said "...You want air around the roots ...."
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        Yeah from what I’ve gathered A is best applied. The fuzzy roots that will come out are air roots and do best with some oxygen. Also just to add, depending on where you’re at in your grow, if you’re just starting out your plants will need nutrient water top fed to them till the roots start reaching for the reservoir. My plants are 8 days old though take what I say with a grain of salt lol.
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          thank you for answer


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