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    HYDRO Auto flower feeding schedule

    I typically grow photo periods and I was thinking about trying some auto flowers. My question is when do you switch from veg to bloom nutrients? My photos get bloom nutrients a couple weeks before they show budlets, with autos the veg stage seems to be shorter. So how many weeks from seeds should I switch to bloom nutrients?
    DWC hydroponic system 18”x36”x72” cabinet
    400w single ended hps (veg)
    7’l 3’w 7’h 600w single ended hps (bloom).
    Using advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A+B and sensi bloom A+B and orca microbes.
    1st grow OG 13 - 2nd grow Durban poison, Cinderella- 3rd currently bloom white fire og- 4th grow currently veg Bruce banner, gorilla glue- seeds on deck super lemon haze.

    When flowers start to show mate


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