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FIMing main stem vs FIMing other growth?!?

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    FIMing main stem vs FIMing other growth?!?

    So, I’ve been doing some experiments, and one of them is around FIMming.. I totally understand how FIMMing works regarding the main stem, and how it creates 4 or more new growths… however, I’m having a hard time understanding why whenever you FIM any branch other than the main stem, you do not get new growth like with the main stem.. does FIMMing only work with the main stem? I read online and various posts that I can be done w other branches, but I’ve tried it now on 3 different strains, and many many different branches and cutting at different lengths (leaving 1/4 of growth tip, leaving 1/3, etc.) It seems to me that when you FIM a growth tip that is Not the main stem, it basically equates to letting the node immediately below the growth tip grow more, and then the central growth just continues growing.. it does not create 3 or 4 new growth tips.. does anyone have any actual experience FIMing anything other than the main stem? I know it’s not always recommended due to the thinner new growth it would create but I’m just trying to understand the science of it.. any pics would be helpful. Ive yet to find a picture or preferably a time-lapse video of FIMming anything other than the main stem…I’ve shown a pic below of a new growth from a mainlined plant that i FIMmed the last growth tip, and then a couple weeks later and what it looks like now (which is basically just continued growth w the first new node growing a bit more than usual.)
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    What you’ll find is a single cola will produce the same if not more volume of bud vs 3 or 4 small stems. Bigger thicker stems can hold a lot more bud than pissy little side shoots


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      Yes, I agree! I'm fairly new to growing. Got 2 in the tent of the same breed. Topped both on the main. Topped the 2nd one on the sides as well. The sides did indeed split into 2 but the buds are quite small. But I learned what I set out to learn. No need to do that on the next grow

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