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    Girls don t grow

    Hello guys

    I'm coming to you for a piece of advice. We reused a round of pebbles for a new round of girls grown in hydroponics. Before planting the new girls, we kept the already used pebbles in chlorine plus disinfectant for about a week so that they would be clean, free of bacteria. Before planting the new girls, we cleaned the pebbles very well, we rinsed them many times with clean water. The girls have been planted for about a week or so and they don't seem to like anything: they don't grow and even more, some are dying.
    We think it's because there is still chlorine in the pebbles. What is the solution here? Should we move them to new, fresh pebbles or wait for a change for the better?

    Have you ever came across this?


    I believe the pebbles (clay balls, correct?) are porous. Someone chime if that is not correct. If they are porous there most likely is bleach still in them. A restart may be in order.
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      Next time, try soaking them in a solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide and water. Chlorine and hydro don't mix.
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        I think chlorine breaks down relatively quickly. Assuming your plants can survive the chlorine damage they’ve already sustained I would soak the balls in distilled water to displace some of the chlorine and then let them dry for a couple days to let anything still there break down.


        • Christine20
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          They are in a very good condition now! They survived very well Thanks for the support!!

        The bleach will evaporate and break down if left out in the air for a couple days. If you can smell it it's still there.


          I have been growing hydro for more than 8 years. I just use the hydroton over and over. No washing at all. No problems. Good luck !!
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