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about bud rot/mold

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  • MagicMike66
    commented on 's reply
    It’s the white fuzz or fluff that you can see on them. If you ever see this, it’s already too late and time to salvage what you can.

  • Ckbrew
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    Good question. At least from my seat, the resolution of the pix is not high enough to determine this. You would be looking for white powder or fuzz, brown if real bad. It would also smell, well, moldy.

  • click
    Newbie here trying to learn. Where is the mold in those pics?

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  • madman
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    Yeah, there is probably no cure for mold buds, I can't find any serious info on the www

  • madman
    What about this I found somewhere:
    "Stick it in the freezer for 2 weeks, then dry it out slowly again
    make sure its in 2 weeks, not 2 days!"

    Will a flashlight with UV, black light locate mold spots?

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  • golfnrl
    You're right about smoking moldy weed, ugh. I have had bud rot on an outdoor plant. The mold was pronounced and easy to see. I've also had bud from the same strain same grow but different plants have very different flavor and smell profiles. Others with more experience will weigh in but I'd give it a bit more time, continue the cure and see if anything changes. You can always throw it out.

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  • madman
    started a topic about bud rot/mold

    about bud rot/mold

    I've watched hundreds of pictures about it and a few have similarities.
    Maybe it is in early stages? When burping I noticed a peculiar smell from some jars.
    Lady 1 smells completely different, fruity and mouthwatering, and the two tall and lanky does not have this smell either.
    Lady 1 was harvested first, dried in another tent, and the other 3 8 days later in their own tent.
    Is there a risk that the mold has transferred to the other plants in same tent?
    It's only Lady 2 that has this different smell.

    When jaring I put plants in marked jars 1-2-3-4.
    From the very beginning I marked those jars with peculiar smell with a red dot.
    It's from the same plant, the one I named Lady 2, a short and bushy one.
    These are the bigger buds that were heavy (wet?) when harvesting.

    Is it likely that the whole plant Lady 2 got mold?
    I think no matter what it is this plant will have to go.
    Can't risk smoking mold buds, that's really dangerous!!
    Mind you, madwoman is not only in total reign of the house,
    she's also Chief Safety Representative for house and family.
    More sample pictures here...

    What is bud rot?
    Bud rot is a type of mold that develops in the dense cores of cannabis buds. It starts on the stem inside of the bud and spreads outward, and it’s difficult to detect in its early stages. It typically occurs on plants in the flowering stage.
    Extremely bushy plants hold humidity within the foliage, which increases the chances of bud rot developing.

    Sorry for the lengthy post...

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