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about bud rot/mold

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    about bud rot/mold

    I've watched hundreds of pictures about it and a few have similarities.
    Maybe it is in early stages? When burping I noticed a peculiar smell from some jars.
    Lady 1 smells completely different, fruity and mouthwatering, and the two tall and lanky does not have this smell either.
    Lady 1 was harvested first, dried in another tent, and the other 3 8 days later in their own tent.
    Is there a risk that the mold has transferred to the other plants in same tent?
    It's only Lady 2 that has this different smell.

    When jaring I put plants in marked jars 1-2-3-4.
    From the very beginning I marked those jars with peculiar smell with a red dot.
    It's from the same plant, the one I named Lady 2, a short and bushy one.
    These are the bigger buds that were heavy (wet?) when harvesting.

    Is it likely that the whole plant Lady 2 got mold?
    I think no matter what it is this plant will have to go.
    Can't risk smoking mold buds, that's really dangerous!!
    Mind you, madwoman is not only in total reign of the house,
    she's also Chief Safety Representative for house and family.
    More sample pictures here...

    What is bud rot?
    Bud rot is a type of mold that develops in the dense cores of cannabis buds. It starts on the stem inside of the bud and spreads outward, and it’s difficult to detect in its early stages. It typically occurs on plants in the flowering stage.
    Extremely bushy plants hold humidity within the foliage, which increases the chances of bud rot developing.

    Sorry for the lengthy post...

    You're right about smoking moldy weed, ugh. I have had bud rot on an outdoor plant. The mold was pronounced and easy to see. I've also had bud from the same strain same grow but different plants have very different flavor and smell profiles. Others with more experience will weigh in but I'd give it a bit more time, continue the cure and see if anything changes. You can always throw it out.
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    • madman
      madman commented
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      Yeah, there is probably no cure for mold buds, I can't find any serious info on the www

    What about this I found somewhere:
    "Stick it in the freezer for 2 weeks, then dry it out slowly again
    make sure its in 2 weeks, not 2 days!"

    Will a flashlight with UV, black light locate mold spots?


    • MagicMike66
      MagicMike66 commented
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      I’ve had mould a couple of times, usually and annoyingly, it’s on the biggest colas. I would just get rid of everything you think has rot on it to be safe. No chance I’d be smoking that

    • madman
      madman commented
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      Yep, you are right, I'd never smoke or eat anything with mold.
      I started smoking in the late -60s and early -70s.
      At that time a lot of hashish came from Afghanistan, it was called 'black mold afghan',
      but I don't believe it was mold, perhaps just some white powder for packaging in thin cellophane.

    Newbie here trying to learn. Where is the mold in those pics?
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    • MagicMike66
      MagicMike66 commented
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      It’s the white fuzz or fluff that you can see on them. If you ever see this, it’s already too late and time to salvage what you can.

    • madman
      madman commented
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      Thanks for input... I'm ready to start a fire and obliterate the mold!!!
      The resolution is max on my camera, will buy a decent Macro camera.

    • madman
      madman commented
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      If I only knew...

    madman , can you describe the smell that concerns you? I can not see enough resolution in the pix to be able to determine if signs of mold are are present or not. Can you highlight your area of concern in the pix? Then again if it smells just plain rank, follow your instincts. Still waiting for smellavision.
    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


    • madman
      madman commented
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      Lady 1 ("normal" buds) (harvested first and put in jars first)
      Smells lovely, floral, juicy, fruity fresh, clearly cannabis smell and a hint of pepper.

      Ladies 2 (short, bushy, big buds) 3-4 (tall and lanky, big buds) (harvested 8 days later)
      Musty, stuffy, wet basement, it's not an not acrid smell and there is also a very clear smell of cannabis.

    Mon dieu, merde!! Arghh... ugh... The confusion, I'm exhausted!
    I need beer, a puff, food (a couple plates of muffin pizza) and Plantation Rum and chocolate... and an NHL game on TV!
    This is difficult and I've been sniffin' jars for days and each day and each sniff is different.
    I think I have a good nose but who knows?
    I really can't figure this one out, these new pictures won't help much I'm afraid.

    About the smell:
    Lady 1 ("normal" buds) (harvested first and put in jars first)
    Smells lovely, floral, juicy, fruity fresh, clearly cannabis smell and a hint of pepper.

    Ladies 2 (short, bushy, big buds) 3-4 (tall and lanky, big buds) (harvested 8 days later)
    Musty, stuffy, wet basement, it's not an not acrid smell and there is also a very clear smell of cannabis.

    I've been very methodical about temp and humidity when growning/curing/burping in jars, leaving jars open overnight the first weeks.
    Humidity checked several times every day and keeping at a constant 40~50 RH, temp 20-21 C.
    F*** I even used 3 different RH meters to compare the readings.

    Got me a UV black light today but can't understand what I'm looking for at??
    This site is informative, it says UV-A light, the one I got only says UV?
    Any of you tried the UV light method for spotting mold?

    To sum this up:
    The jars have been in the same cabinet but on different shelves, Lady 1 on top and 2-3-4 on bottom, until a few days ago when I started to research the mold issue.
    Now Ladies 2-3-4 sit in a completely different cabinet.
    Cabinet doors always been opened a bit and air circulation is normal and so is temp.
    House is well ventilated and we never had any mold issues inhouse, you know ventilation fans in kitchen, bathrooms etc.
    Is it possible, god forbid, that the supposed mold has spread over to the jars with Lady 1.

    What would you experienced guys & gals who encountered mold on weed do?
    Should I burn all of this harvest?

    This is a veery long post and it ends here...

    Thanks for the support!
    Stay safe ande healthy, best regards,
    madman (madwoman gives thumbs up)

    Edit: Don't know what's happening with upload of pictures, they are cut in half at bottom of browser?
    Chrome issue? Also on Firefox, Waterfox so perhaps a script issue on GWE?
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    • click
      click commented
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      I see the same thing as the white ridge line circled in the second pic on some top-shelf bud (Sundae Driver) I got from the local dispensary. Seems to be part of the plant. If it is mold, it is good mold because it smokes nice.

    The pix of the bud on the knife, looks like an out of focus bluish haze or mist. If up close and personal it looks like whitish fuzz then yeah probably mold. The musty, damp basement, (like dirt?) smell is the confirmation. I would err on the side of caution. I assume your jars are sealed? If so, no need to circulate air around the outside of the jars except if it is necessary to control temperature. If no symptoms in the other jars, then they should be good to go. Unless you open the jars next to each other or mix the content, it is unlikely they will cross contaminate.

    Something to remember, we all live in a sea of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is endemic to our environment, meaning it is everywhere. It is only when favorable environmental conditions occur that one of the 3 will get a foot hold and start to grow out of control. The way to prevent mold growth is to deny favorable conditions. There was most likely excess moisture somewhere along the line. It can start when the plant is living, or after harvest. Unless the buds were mixed together, or exposed to the same processing equipment the other jars should be good, just watch them. The jars are in the house in the living area? What temperature. I keep mine in a cooler area of the house in the 40-50* F range.

    Perhaps this is a good argument in favor of bud washing using at least one bath of water and peroxide.
    Last edited by Ckbrew; 01-20-2022, 12:35 PM.
    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


    • madman
      madman commented
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      Hello Ckbrew! Thanks for support! Appreciate it a lot!
      "The musty, damp basement, (like dirt?)" Not like dirt, you mean soil by that? It's more like wettish.
      Yeah jars are sealed, but when burping first week open over night. After that only open and close.
      Temps are 20-21 C ~ 68F

      Well... I did open some of the jars beside one another at the time when mold wasn't on my radar.

      Always kept each plant in marked jars. Red dots on suspicious jars.
      Lady 1 was on top shelves and the later added jars on bottom shelves.
      Now jars with suspicious smell are separated to the floor in another area of the kitchen.

      Yep, there was a moment when harvest was done where buds were big and really wet and heavy, that was mostly Lady 2!!

      Yep, jars in the house, temp 20-21C ~ 68F, in a low near floor kitchen cabinet, now only Lady 1 on top shelves and some jars that smell OK on bottom shelves.

      I will dig into info on bud washing but my situation is beyond that, right?

      F*** I'm almost done with this grow! Feels most secure to incinerate all of it! That's my gut feel right now. But I'll wait some more...
      Well, you live and you learn...

    • Ckbrew
      Ckbrew commented
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      Yes, bud washing is done right after harvest just before drying. If you are positive there is mold in the one jar then trash it. The rest, take a monitor closely approach.

    Just now finished incinerating 12 quart mason jars... it it what it is...
    The other jars... who knows? I'll monitor closely and let my nose decide.


      The mold smell is a quite distinct odor. I think you would recognize it. Personally I would incinerate it. (one joint at a time)
      Focus and relativity.


      • madman
        madman commented
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        Eliot! Hahaha..."(one joint at a time)"
        The jars I kept smells just fine so far... I'll monitor them very closely!
        Did try Lady 1 last night and it was a smooth fruity tasty smoke and no burning or harshness in mouth and throat at at all, perfect!
        Potency was good as I'm used to with Northern Lights.
        A gentle buzz at first and then a soothing light couchlock, a perfect pain reliever for this old body, thankful...
        Turns out to be expensive stuff, the electricity bill and the investments I made for the new setup, my godness, but that's fine.
        I'm holding my own...
        ”Don't forget to leave some space for miracles.”

        Best regards

      • Eliot Pryor
        Eliot Pryor commented
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        The up front expense is kind of steep but after 8 years of growing I figure amortization has got my cost way down. I keep growing various strains and I've grown more than a dozen including Northern Lights. I like the change but I have to keep a bit of Purple Punch by Barney's Farms growing. It ain't slow nor sneaky, it will give you a pause. Have a great grow !!

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