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Yellowing of leefs on new seedlings

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    HELP! Yellowing of leefs on new seedlings

    Hi. I've just started my first auto grow and there on day 5 above the serface and on 2 of them have just started to go yellow any ideas I've got a 1.2x1.2meter tent a 600w hps dimnerble and have only had it running at 250w I've got a 4inch out take a 12inch osculster on now I'm just wundering if I should turn the light up to 400w and have it about 12inch away can anyone help please

    The light is not why the leaves are yellow but going to 400 and 12 in. above sounds alright. Have a great grow !!
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      Thanks guys I think I know what it is now I started to add half the amount of rizotonic it says for week 1 thinking that would be OK but I will go to just pH water till the next set comes through thanks again


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