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Zinc deficiency?

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    COCO COIR Zinc deficiency?

    Hi growers, I'm currently growing 2 Cookies Gelatto and they don't seem to be too bad, apart from the new growth being a bit more like a lime green instead of the normal green you should see. Now, this is only my second grow and I made SO many mistakes on the first grow that it hermied on me but still I was surprised it actually got some quality on them buds! Just to say that I don't wanna f#ck it up again guys so if you could help I'd be very much appreciated.
    I think it could be either a zinc deficiency (new growth a bit small and light green), or light burn (got it @16.5" @75% ~ 36000 lux marshydro ts1000), or it needs more calmag and nutes, bc it got nute burn before and I reduced the EC from 0.8 to 0.4 after a couple of flushes and now I'm slowly building it up.
    Any input on this is appreciated guys. Thank you very much.
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