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Thank you GWE!!

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    Thank you GWE!!

    Hi everyone, I just want to take a minute and say thank you to Nebula, Sirius, and the entire GWE community! I would not have been able to jar some amazing bud without GWE!

    I was able to produce 2 ounces of high quality weed on my first grow, even with a pile of mistakes! I also made some kick ass butter from the trim; that all parties enjoyed during the holidays! My (low) yield was able to basically pay for my initial equipment. Grow number two is underway, and already planning number 3, lol!

    Thanks again everyone!


    Growing is an addiction. Apparently you are quite susceptible to it. Congratulations on your first grow. If you work at it and reread GWE as your next grow progresses, you will soon double and triple your yield. How do you grow a pound of weed? Practice man, practice!
    Current Grow:
    2 Tutankhamen , 2-Critical Poison All Photo's
    Soil in 3 gallon pots. Indoors,


    • bdeegan
      bdeegan commented
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      Haha, yes sir I’m hooked, line and sinker too! I’ve always wanted to grow weed. I grew a couple in my early 20’s
      that I got scared and cut down before fully flowering. Now that my wonderful state has gotten with the times I am living a dream!

      I appreciate the advise and actually started to re read from the germination section! I’ve also started on the “biggest question” thread and picking up lots there. I can definitely say this round has started better!

      Happy growing!
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    It is a wonderful achievement you have made, I must say. Your experience has made me inspired to grow some plants.


      Awesome man, it’s cool that I could inspire someone! I wish you success RomanFili! I don’t have a lot of harvest pics but here is a couple of the auto blue dream…

      Happy growing!!


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