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    Since I started growing in 2018, my production has far outpaced my consumption. As a result, I have still have nugs from all the grows and get to enjoy them at various stages of "long cure" from 7 months to 2 years and 7 months (stored in jars in a box in my basement). This topic comes up from time to time and, in my experience, it just keeps getting better. Still plenty strong after 2+ years and still smells and tastes great. The "better" for me is a more mellow and pleasant experience. All the sharp edges and harshness smooth out over time. Here are some photos of all the nugs. Click on the photos for name and date of start of cure.

    Awesome JuanHondo. I currently have about 25 varieties ranging in age from 8 months back to 2 1/2 years so very similar.
    Have to agree that when stored properly the smoke is still excellent even after all that time.
    Well done. they look great.


      Same results here. Seems the longer cured, the smoke gets smoother and the high is more mellow but I notice zero
      loss in potency


        Nice! I've had some of my earlier grows that needed six months in the jar to go from meh to great. I finally did take down a SLH that was perfect smoke fresh from the drying tent just a few weeks ago.
        Coconut Grove
        4x4 tent, Platinum LED P4-XML2, four Patio Pickers. Vegging Liberty Haze, Acapulco Gold, Lavender and Sweet Amnesia Haze.

        3x3 tent, Platinum P300 LED. Flowering two Tangies.

        Flower tent:
        4x4 tent, Platinum LED P4-XML2, four Patio Pickers. Vegging Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison and two Tangie x Blueberry crosses.

        32"x32" tent with Feit white LED. Vegging four Mother's Finest.

        Coco/Perlite/worm castings/mycorrhizae living soil mix.
        Down-To-Earth dry amendments. Gnarly Barley added weekly. Eisenia fetida.

        On deck: Winter indicas.


        • Rik
          Rik commented
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          What is SLH?

        • JohnEmad
          JohnEmad commented
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          Silver Lemon Haze I think.

        • UndergroundFarmer
          UndergroundFarmer commented
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          Close. It was a Green House Super Lemon Haze fem.

        Way to go with the ability to hold on to your stash for so long. I got to agree with curing for longer makes the smoking less harsh.


        • JuanHondo
          JuanHondo commented
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          honestly, I'm surprised some times to see how much some growers seem to go through. I smoke everyday, but I have a 9-5 engineering job still. during the week i'll smoke a joint after work. On the weekends i'll maybe smoke 3-5 joints. I also give a good bit away to friends. one benefit of low consumption is the variety of weed and cure length i've been able to accumulate. Glad many of you have the same experience. i'm planning to keep a little of each and monitor the effects as they cure even longer.

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