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    SOIL And we're off!

    Germination was successful (I did both paper towel and cup of water).

    Seedlings popped up quick and began to develop quick.

    Total time thus far: ~1 week

    I found out the seeds I have had saved are Yager and I'm quite excited about that, all of them came from the same batch.

    My next steps will be to get a far larger tent, I'm thinking a 48x48x80 (inches), new soil (recommendations for a soil without ER nutrients?) , perlite, and a new brand of LED lights. (Not too sure on what the best LEDs are. Must cover a 4 foot area)

    I have been misting the foliage every other day and applying gentle amounts of water rarely. Last time I killed off 4 doing too much so I learned this time around. Anyhow, things are looking good.

    If you guys have any recommendations on anything, especially LST , Nutrition, and lighting, please inform me! 😊
    Ask questions, take notes, and check your pH regularly. 😌

    2 x 2 x 4 Tent
    300W full-spectrum light

    MiracleGro soil (0.21 - 0.18 - 0.14)
    Expert Gardener Plant Food (24-8-16)
    Humboldts Secret Calmag & Iron (2-0-0)
    FlowerFuel (0-34-32)

    Phase: Harvested 8/22, Curing began on 8/27.

    Weight before cure: 2.4 Oz

    Weight after cure: TBT

    If you are successful you will be a full fledged Yager Meister.
    Current Grow:
    2 Tutankhamen , 2-Critical Poison All Photo's
    Soil in 3 gallon pots. Indoors,


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