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    SOIL Plants

    I have three Bruce Banna female plants that are almost 2 months old I think I overwatered them earlier to adorn good one not too good so I reported it and happy frog dried it out and then why did it with the correct pH and Cal Meg it’s under two lights viparspectra in a 3 x 3 8

    What are you trying to say ???


      What I’m trying to say is what’s wrong with it it’s got brown spots on the leaves the curling up and turning yellow and it’s all dying


        All we see are various shades of purple. Can you use a flash or natural light for a picture?
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          more info...temps, how much water how often, type of nutrients PH levels, the works. More info = better diagnosis. Definitely a PH and nutrient problem.
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            I`ve got the same going on 1 out of 4 of Red Poison auto`s...had it early on in flowering and initially thought Rust which auto`s can be prone to but it wasn`t spreading and there were other indicators. Looked like a CalMag issue but my water is high in both and I have to treat for that and eventually found it was a Ph issue with the drainage Ph coming out much higher than it went in due to the method I used to initially lower the Ph not being very stable. Got a good Ph Down and no issues from then on though it took a couple of weeks to get the soil ph right. Here`s the Red, she`s at the end so leaves only hint at what I`m talking about but you can see some of the markings....pleased with this strain as only grown under 12/12 as I grew them alongside some photo`s. So mate, reckon it could be a Ph in and out job....possibly. Take care mate
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              This is just a hunch, but if you started in Happy Frog and haven't amended it or added any other nutrients it's likely that the soil is depleted. There are liquid feeds that work with soil that can help rescue your plants short-term. Best bet long term is top dressing the soil every three weeks with worm castings and soil nutes appropriate for the stage of growth (veg or flower).
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                Usually if you identify that there is a PH problem, it's a good idea to flush the plants thoroughly once it is corrected. Make note though...nutrients and nutrient salts can build up so the flush should be with properly PH'd water and at least 3x the amount of the container and the water should be lukewarm to help dissolve any nutrient salts leftover.
                I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


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