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Bubblegum Kush in week 6 of veg getting brown, burnt coppery edges on leaves

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    HELP! Bubblegum Kush in week 6 of veg getting brown, burnt coppery edges on leaves

    Hey all!

    I have 2 BG Kush seeds in a 4x4 tent, topping them out and scrogging them using two nets. They're just above the first net, was planning on lollipopping most of the branches to have the canopy only reach above the second.

    The problem I'm running into this last week is these burnt tips/burnt looking spots in between the veins starting at the very edges and working its way in. It's not on the whole plant, mostly seems to be on medium-aged growth right in the middle of the canopy - nothing too extreme on the new leaves, and some of the older ones I've lost entirely when they just go yellow/are super easy to brush off the plant.

    I've been using the PH Perfect line from Advanced Nutrients, regular tapwater, CaliMagic and "Kelp me Kelp you"

    I believe the soil combined with the nutes and my tapwater have made the medium a little too alkaline, but I only have one of those shitty "probe" style PH meters to test soil. I've been amending my water with a tiny squirt of lemon juice to try and keep it down below 7-8 which it seems to consistently register on that meter - but I don't know if that's accurate at all. I believe it might be a PH related uptake problem with Cal/Mag, maybe combined with a mild bit of too much nitrogen?

    Here are a few photos I just took this morning, any help is much appreciated! A few on the plant, and a pic of a leaf held up to the light so you can see through it.
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    If you are not accurately testing your PH then that is likely your problem. Nutrients don't do shit if the plant can't properly absorb them. Get a decent PH tester. a good inexpensive one should cost no more than $20

    Tap water can be very high PH and contain a load of chlorine to boot. Make sure you aerate the tap water first to lessen the chlorine (an hour or more) and then test it with the nutes mixed should also look at getting some PH up/down liquid as it can be more accurate than lemon juice.
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      buttfreak, Trash that probe style tester! As dilvish said, get an actual pH tester pen. Dont get the strips and solution as their not as accurate. What is your grow medium? soil or coco? something else? pH at 7-8 is terrible for weed. I'm guessing at this point your gonna need to check your pH run off...probably have a lockout and will need a flush to correct before you flip to flower.
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        Homegrown, Maybe you can help me as well, I have a similar problem, I'm growing coco, and I'm trying to find out what my runoff PH should be, any thoughts?
        Here's what I've got:

        4'x4'x80" Maxsisun tent
        2 - MF2000 Maxsisun 230w LED lights
        3 - 5 gal fabric containers -
        FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil
        MotherEarth Coco bale 100% coco
        RapidRooter plugs
        390 CFM exhaust fan
        Fox Farm Nutrients - Soil/Hydroponic Food, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom
        LA Peyote Kush x 3 ( 2 in Coco, 1 in soil )


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          Well GrumpyOldMan, I like my run-off to be the same as im putting in. My target pH is always 6.2 for the coco/perlite im using. I dont always check run-off pH, only if i notice anything suspicious with my plants.(any leaf issues,spots, dying leaves,etc) The minute i see a possible problem i will do a run-off check. Also, dont be skimpy with the watering...i give my 5 gal pots at least 1.5 gallons of water every 3-4 days. and get around 2-3 cups of runoff. hope this helps.


        here i am a few weeks later, still facing the same issues. i've been able to Ph the water before and after adding nutes, as well as testing the runoff - was a LITTLE to acidic so I've adjusted it, but nothing crazy. I'm still getting leaves a few inches down from the top of the plants that are turning burnt/crispy on the very tips and edges / getting that light spotting and going brown. they're getting progressively crispier until they fall off, or can be gently knocked/pulled off with very little effort. i don't want to swap over to flower until i've at least semi-identified the issue!

        any ideas would be much appreciated. again - they're in soil, it's just 2 plants in a 4x4 tent under 2 viparspectra lights. the new growth grows out light green/green and seems to be fairly prolific, but no matter how much i mess around with nutes/trim the old leaves i'm still getting a ton of these coppery/spotted burnt edges!

        using AN's "PH Perfect" line of nutes + calimagic, stopped using the "kelp me kelp you" as i'm not overly familiar with it and this is the first grow i've used it on. might up my CaliMag next few times I feed to see if it helps??
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          pictures to help, took these about 30 seconds ago!
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            buttfreak have you checked the PH coming out of the pot when you water it? Next time you water, pick a PH range thats in range for your grow medium, if your in soil set it at 6.7. Water it till you get a fair amount of run-off. At least a quart, and take a sample of that waste water. If its not at or near the PH of the water you just put in, then it will need a thorough flush to correct. You dont want to flip those girls to flower if their struggling'll just get worse real quick.

          hello and happy new year! buttfreak, are you growing on soil? if so try Recharge.


            buttfreak At the top of the page you can access the "plant problem" page There's a pic of your leaf. Potassium deficiency,and/or high pH.


              buttfreak if you are in soil might as well try a soil where you can amend the soil with dry amendments.The more soil the better for a buffering zone for ph. Then there is no need to guess if your plant is cal/mag hungry, I’m sure you will hear that a lot but after I started growing with living soils suddenly the plants that where calcium hungry lol where just simply satisfied and all I do is water no idea what the water ph is or ppm or m&m’s j/k. If you chooses to ignore what I just said then try a kelp meal/alfalfa meal tea. 1 cup alfalfa 1/4 cup kelp meal add it to 5 gallons of water and let is sit over night and stir when ever or bubble it over night then water your pots. Should see an improvement with in 48hrs. I would say don’t ph the water but you may have to. This is typically a good fix all recipe for organic living soils. Using synthetics it’s on life support so you have to do all the work.


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                  I've had a chronic K deficiency with the last two grows I don't understand. This time I tried some Langbeinite/ K-Mag 0-0-22. Just mixed a batch of saturated solution and use that as an additive.

                  Growing in FF Happy Frog using MasterBlend nutes. I've been watering to run off the last two grows, about a 8oz with 1/2 gallon input.. Something I never use to do but ran into the typical low pH problem so changed my watering habits. I don't think it's the nutes as it happened with a different brand last time. pH in is usually around 6.8 and out around 6.5

                  I just wonder if watering to run off should include a bit stronger nute solution?


                    Originally posted by PRIMO View Post
                    buttfreak At the top of the page you can access the "plant problem" page There's a pic of your leaf. Potassium deficiency,and/or high pH.
                    Primo - this is exactly it, I'm 99% sure!! Thank you a ton, I've been amending with more K and will likely take the tips of some other posters in this thread to get myself something a lil stronger


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