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Memphisto double grape potency report

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    Memphisto double grape potency report

    Remember this juicy lady. sad to say the smell went from wine to cream or cookie dough. Only when you grind it does the grape smell really hit you. Taste is more creamy too. Mind these are only about a month cure. I can tell you this though. This weed is too potent. I mean it floors me with just one hit and an hour later I'm asleep. Like an immobilizing kind of high. I'll put some screenshots up of some test results of double grape a grower posted on another website. One tested 31% thc. The other 28. Thought the terp profile was interesting.
    forum stomper is curing to this sweet chocolate chip cookie dough smell. Haven't tried her yet. Sour stomper gladly is holding on to that sour strawberry smell with a hint of gas. The sour strawberry taste lingers on the back of your tongue nicely. Good creative high.
    I think any of these would be good candidate s for extracts. Here's a juicy nug shot of the evil dg.
    keeping it green with the soil thing
    love me some frosty autos
    Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
    the fruit basket
    blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy

    Nice lookin buds.


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