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Can you make good butter from a premature hermie harvest?

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    SOIL Can you make good butter from a premature hermie harvest?

    Since getting my tent set up I’ve had my best grow to date (4 others prior) but then my tallest plant ever grew what were undeniably balls.

    She’s a month into flowering, her pistils are 80% white and while she smells great, the buds on her aren’t completely full yet.

    She’s my favorite plant and I really don’t want to cut her down, but I don’t want her to knock up her sister.

    Can i harvest her unfinished buds and make somewhat good butter with them? She’s a sativa so I wasn’t looking for a couch lock anyways.

    here’s a crappy pic of her topmost colas. I actually didn’t see that many balls on her so she may have a fighting chance if I use a shower liner to keep them separate since I don’t have another grow space. (I was high when I came up with that idea)

    Click image for larger version

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    Wait. What? Tallest plant grew balls a month into flowering and she might knock up her sister, but she's your favorite plant? The shower liner will not stop pollen from getting to a female. Using any part of the plant will do something to you. 80% white hairs don't mean too much. Check out the GWE website about harvesting. Use the search engine.
    Immature buds are... well... immature, a month into flowering. I can't believe you have something to harvest in that amount of time. The pictures show, perhaps, a month left in flowering?
    Maybe I'm high. I don't understand your post.
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      I guess it would be more accurate to say she *was* my favorite plant. Before I was growing in a crappy apartment closet with no ventilation and was still very much a beginner, so those plants never got more than a foot in height. This one is like 3 feet tall so it’s my personal best record. That’s what makes me so sad...

      But I think I found a good butter recipe for her.

    Sure go ahead make butter but i would of removed a male plant out of the tent at the first sign of balls.
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      The pollen could be an issue IF you are allergic to it, other than the racy paranoid high of immature bud.


        Maybe post a pic if you can just to confirm those are balls and not something else - given t is your fifth grow that is possibly hopeless optimism. I don’t see any reason why you can’t make butter. I don’t think it is generally understood why immature bud gives a racing buzz, which is the commonly agreed impact, but I don’t know if anyone can say that carry’s through processing into butter (it might). I’d certainly give it a try as an experiment with the understanding I might toss it if it is not the experience I want. I’d also say that bud is always so much smaller after drying than it looked, especially when they a start out puffy with pistils while still being immature, so you may have far less bud than you think. If I have a problem plant with airy popcorn bud it generally all goes into the trim pile rather than spending a bunch of time trying to trim weird little pieces., which I usually make edibles with.


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