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Canna coco pro EC too high for seedlings?

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    COCO COIR Canna coco pro EC too high for seedlings?

    Hi guys, 2nd time grower here and I still have a couple of questions.
    I'm starting a new grow this week with coco-perlite and last time I grew in unbuffered coco and I had a great start but this time I bought CANNA COCO PROFESSIONAL PLUS and, because it's buffered, I'm afraid the initial EC is to high for my seedlings.
    My plan is to start on the napkin, make my own jiffy pellets with coco in picture1, leave it till the 3rd node appears, transplant to a half gallon pot and from there to a 5gal.
    The question, really, is: can i plant the seed as soon as it sprouts straight in that coco? Or is that coco only good for clones, since the EC should be bigger than the unbuffered one? As anyone tried it? Appreciate it growers 👍 Click image for larger version

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    Im not sure why the EC is too high? seedlings require very little in terms of nutrients at first. Nutrients are usually started once the seedling develops its first true set of leaves (not cotyledon leaves). Not sure why you would go from pellet to 1/2 gallon when you could go straight to the coir...just water them with care
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      I know that the amount of nutes plants need on the first week are close to nothing, that's why I'm asking if that specific coco is good to put the seed in straight, as soon as it sprouts, bc its EC may be too high. I really appreciate anyone's take on this matter, but if anyone has grown in this coco, please let me know your results.
      The reason why I'm going from pellet to half gallon and transplant again is bc last time I grew was the first and, obviously, I made some mistakes. So this time I'm doing different methods and see what the results are. I tried doing directly last time and they took a while to grow, in fact, they remained small the whole grow. I know there are diferent factors to why that happened, but I trying to let the root ball establish itself properly before transplanting the plants. Thanks mate.


        I think you are misunderstanding the buffering in the coco. Coco naturally will bind calcium and magnesium ions and not release them. The buffering saturates the binding sites with Ca+ and Mg+ so the coco will be saturated and not bind up any more ions and therefore they will be available to the plants. You still need to add calmag to your nute solution during feeding. As for the seedlings, calmag will not hurt them at a reasonable level. I put calmag in the water for germination. Sometimes I use coco/perlite in a solo cup for starting and have germinated directly in the coco in solo cups. then transplant. Like dilvish said, go directly into your final pots, no need to keep transplanting.
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          I see, thank you then guys. I'll go for it straight from the bag. About transplanting a few times, I appreciate your input on it guys, really, but I'm doing a bit more research about it. Thanks again growers 👍


            Check here:


            Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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