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    HELP! PH problems here

    Hi y'all!

    I'd have a quick question for you guys. So I started my first hydro grow, all going well but I have some issues with the PH. So first I aerated the water for 3 days to get rid of chlorine, the PH was 6.9 with 110PPM
    I have 18L buckets so I added 2ml 4PH solution each bucket, waites a couple of hours, nothing changed. Added another 2 ml, checked next day, nothing changed. Then I added 2 more ml and the next day the PH was 4.6 😵
    Then I had to add PH booster (7), added 2ml per bucket and next day it was 7.3. What on earth is going on here? How can a 7PH liquid raise the entire bucket's PH to 7.3? Also how fast is the adjustors work?

    i think im gonna change the water entirely but I dont want to make the same mistakes. After the "adjustments" my PPM went up to 440 from 360...
    Thanks in advance

    Howdy ufzsolo, What are You using for the pH up and down adjusting solution? What are the buckets made of? I use the 10 gallon Sterilite totes and they went thru a 'curing' process before the pH began to be stable. I have been using the General Hydroponics pH Up and pH Down and I have had good results with them.
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      I use the same as DW2 with no issues. The only Ph4 and Ph7 solution I have is for calibrating my ph meters. Not sure you are using the right stuff? I'm just guessing.
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      2 Timber Fatty-vs COB 950 watt draw fixtures
      w/ added 4 2ft T5 Pure UV bulbs on each fix.
      2 DIY Hybrid DWC 5 gal bubble bucket systems w/ 55 gal reservoirs w/ PH dosers
      2 2"x2"cyl.stones in each bucket, 8"disk in reservoirs
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      . Cherry pie 1 dwc 1 soil
      Soil is great lakes "just add water" in 7 gal fabric bags


        Thinking the same thing as Smoklahoma. ufzsolo are you using ph up and down OR a ph buffer solution(used to calibrate ph pens)? Sounds like the latter.
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          Yeah I'm using advances hydroponics PH up and down. Up is 7, down is 4PH.
          I've got conventional plastick buckets you would use to keep your pickles...


          • DW2
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            ufzsolo, Are those 'pickle buckets' translucent or clear?

          They are white, no light can go through into the buckets


          • DW2
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            ufzsolo To test whether or not light is getting thru the buckets, hold the bucket up to a bright light (either the sun or the grow lights) with Your hand on the out side of the bucket, if You can see the shadow of Your hand on the inside, then they are not light proof enough.

          Check your PH meter. it may not be properly calibrated. If I may add I think you are using the calibration solution to adjust the PH in the water. As far as I know the PH adjustment solution doesn't have a range (4 or 7) because one is an acidic solution and one is an alkaline solution
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            Yeah absolutely no light can get through the buckets, and Im 100% sure im using ph adjustments. After 2 days not touching it, its 6.1 now, haven't done a single thing but now it looks good. Thanks y'all


            • dilvish
              dilvish commented
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              That's your problem. You need to get the PH under control and using the calibration PH adjusters is not what you want to be using! they are intended for use in calibrating PH testers (pens or probes) not for adjusting the PH of the water itself.

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