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Opinions on this defoliation job?

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    Opinions on this defoliation job?

    Hey guys. This is my Sour Diesel from Crop King, grown in FFOF, 2 days after flipping to 12/12.

    This is my fifth grow and I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of LST. I’m super pleased with it so far, and it seems very healthy and happy.

    Just wanted to post in case anyone has any opinions about the training and defoliation so far. Did I defoliate too much?

    Anyway, thanks for reading and happy growing!
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    just remember that the leaves are like solar panels so the more you remove the less "power" to the plant. Training is what you do to avoid having to defoliate in the first place so typically only lower leave should go.
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      Up until this very day I had been leaving branches below my topping, as you are Rik . I took a look at one of Nebula's posts on the GWE home page about manifolding. What I was looking for was a picture of what exactly she removes for the first topping. Everything but the top-most branches are removed. That's what I'm doing on this grow. In the past, the lower branches produced lesser colas than the mains. This time, I'm going for 2 topping and concentrating on the 4 mains. Perhaps a third topping. We'll see.

      You're still going to get good bud. Don't get me wrong. I'm comparing what I've done with what you're doing, which looks fine.

      Nebula's Easy Manifold (Cannabis "Main-Lining" Tutorial) | Grow Weed Easy

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        Great looking, squared away grow. Nice training.


          Thank you all!

          Gingerbeard the same thing happened to me. After I trained this girl as she appears, I read Nebula’s manifolding guide and decided that’s what I’ll do on the next grow.


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          Looking good. I do the manifolding a little different, but the 8 main branches is what I try and create. I strip everything below the canopy as soon as I can. I don't see the point of letting the plant spend energy on something you no longer need. They should flower up nice. When they stretch I bet they will really expand into a nice plant.
          Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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