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50 days into flower out of 70/77 and looks ill

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    50 days into flower out of 70/77 and looks ill

    Hello Everybody
    This plant is 50 days into flowering(70 to 77 days) and she is already yellowing and dying off. The ph runoff was 7.5 applied compost tea at 6.8 and run off came down to 7.3. Two other plants(from seed) look alot healthier and just starting to yellow off. Any comments would be great. Thank you, Wally PS. First scrog go around.
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    Yellowing of the leaves at this stage of the grow is normal. it indicates the plant is using up all the remaining nutrients to boost the buds. Unless you introduced some new element recently that would cause this (more light, more heat , too much nutrients etc.) it is normal. Judging by the buds I'd say you are fine.

    The PH is too high so it is likely it is using up the nutrients in the leaves that it can because it can't get them from the soil at that PH level.

    It also looks like some light damage. How intense and close are your lights to the plant?
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      Thanks for replying. About 12 inches away ES300 V2 and 1 full spectrum(200Watts).Temp 74 and 69.and RH about 50%. I ph to about 6.8 using fermented kelp. 5 gal pot water every 3 days 3/4 gal. I use organic nukes along with compost teas. Still 17 days till recommended harvest date. Red hairs starting to turn in(10%). I guess patience.LOL


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        at 12 inches they will get light burned. I would back off to 18" - 20" above the canopy. Remember harvest dates are based on optimum conditions which is what most breeders maintain. Unless your conditions are optimum, add 2 weeks to the harvest time.

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