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Seedling leaves discolored

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    SOIL Seedling leaves discolored

    Three weeks old autoflowers. Tip leafs are getting discolored if you can look closer tip of the smaller leafs are getting discolored. They were under direct sunlight for a time yesterday.

    I feed them 4.l/l root juice from bio bizz. I have bio bizz light mix substrate.
    5 days ago i feed them red worm casting tea 1 part casting 4 part water. In general they are healthy and good looking. And been growing well imo. Any ideas what could be the issue ?

    just makes sure you are not overwatering and giving correct amounts of nutrients. Even if the PH is fine (6.5-7.0 in soil) overwatering can cause nutrient issues as the plant can't absorb the nutes if the roots are too wet.

    A day in the sun won't mess with them unless that day happens to be a real scorcher (32C or higher all day)
    I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


      dilvish thanks for your comment. This is my first grow ever. All are autoflowers.

      Because the pot is big for the seedling i am having issue with overwatering. I watered them today after 7 days I think the compost tea and colder nights is what making the substrate being wet for so many day before that it took 3-5 days to dry out.
      I put water in the middle where the stem is and wait for like 5-10 drops run off water comes out.

      This ak and other ak strain seem to react good but i have one Amnesia haze strain that don't like water that much for some reason she is drooping now.

      I am thinking about when i transplant them i will swich to bio bizz nutes instead of red worm compost tea. Still using bio bizz light mix substrate. Do you think that might help ? Because right now i am not sure how much nutes i am giving with red worm compost and what is the nutritional value, the value on the packet got faded.


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