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Best grow tent for 5 plants?

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    Best grow tent for 5 plants?

    I just bough my grow lights (600w LED viparspectra) and now I need a tent, I can't have a square one because it's going to replace a large rectangular entertainment system. I was going to get a lighthouse 48x24x84 one, do you think that will fix my lights and is that one light enough for 5 plants? thanks!

    I would only do 4 plants in a 48 x 48 max. 48 x 24 is tight. I have 3 in currently in a 4 by 4 tent and have full canopy.Get the tallest you can accommodate too ! Need to hang the gear and they are going to stretch .
    Keep us posted !
    2-4X4 tents, 1200 WATT LED'S in Promix Organic with worm castings , vermiculite, and bone meal with Island Nutes and 7 gal grow pots


    • Rick Sanchez
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      actually a 4x4 tent is too big, I'm actually getting a 3x3x6 foot tent, how many plants do you suggest for that? also, I ended up ordering some Ayahuasca Purple how much do you think it will smell?

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