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    Hey all,
    . First time grower here. I'm having issues with 2 of my 4 plants. Was kinda of doing a soil/ pot size experiment. I have Strawberry Fields (SF) and Ocean Forest(OF) in a 5 gallon and 7 gallon cloth pot. So, the plants in the OF are loving the nutrients but the plants in the SF are showing signs of calcium deficiency. At least that is what I think it is. I have been using 1Tbsp/ gallon of roots organic cal mag. I've also been using fox farms grow big and big bloom. (Both at 2 tsp/ gallon). Ph is 6-6.5 every watering and watering are wet to dry so about once a week. This problem only started to arise when I flipped into flower. The plant in the 5 gallon pot is showing more signs than the plant in the 7 gallon, event though the plant in the 5 gallon is bigger. Strain I'm growing is Bubba Kush, it's what's in all 4 pots. Any suggestions ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Check the ph of the runoff. Maintain that at 6.5


      Fjeff is wrong...PH in soil should be 6.5 - 7.0. Having said that the size of the pots likely won't make a difference except potentially bigger growth for a photoperiod.

      The difference could be the soil but then those two soils are designed for cannabis. If I had to guess, assuming you are not overwatering, is that the PH is off and you are giving too much nutrients.

      Correct the PH level and try checking around to see if you are giving the right amounts for those nutrients. sometimes the manufacturer feeding instruction overestimates how much to use.
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