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Possible Light Burn But Not Sure, PLEASE HELP

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    Possible Light Burn But Not Sure, PLEASE HELP

    Hello Fellow Growers

    Hope it's going good.

    Please check these photos out. Not sure what these markings are on the leaves but I think it could be light burn from spraying anti-mildrew stuff on my plants. Dealing with a small out break of mildew. The markings are only in these three areas of the grow and I have 16 plants in total so not wide spread but worried could get worse if its something I'm not aware of.

    Some details about the grow:

    Week 7 flower
    Grow under LED
    Grown from Seed

    Any help would be much appreciated 😁
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    Ya think it could be? What a shame not knowing then asking. Anti mildew stuff ?? Did ya think of turning off the lights or ask a hydro shop or us here prior to having issues? Did you try reading about how to take care of mildew? or how to prevent it? 16 plants wow
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    I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
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      Not really sure what kind of a reply you looking for here. Just trying to find out wheater you think it could be light burn?


        Yes, probably burn from spray with lights on. I had one plant on my 1st grow that looked just like that one. Went in the grow room to do some cleaning ( high of course). One spray from Clorox cleaner on the floor, air circulation blasted the plant with mist. Live and learn.
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