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    HELP! help/advice needed

    Hi all.
    My name is Mike I'm a first time grower.
    I have a auto flowering seedling that appears to have stopped growing.
    Its got its first set of "true leaves" ie the serrated ones and some very small serrated ones above them but since they appeared nothing has happened.
    Its planted in a small smart pot and I mist it with water when the pot next to it ( nothing in it except same mixtue of composted soil/perlight ) is dry to a inch down. ( i use this so as not to disturb the seedling).
    I have 1000watt LED lights with "flowering" and "veg" settings about 12 ins above the plant. I have tried with just one setting and with all lights on, but still nothing happening.also have a fan and temp guage running, temp 22C Humidity app 50%.
    Its been in the tent now for app 1 week.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.



      Are you just misting the plant or are you actually watering the plant? For me I use a watering can and water the plant lightly around the outside of the plant, about the size of a solo cup every couple days and mist the plant plant on the days in between. The plant will take up most water for the humidity and mist but you have to apply water to the soil to get the roots going.
      good luck.
      be patient.


        thank you for the reply.
        I water with the mister until the top of soil looks wet then leave it.
        I can see water going into the soil so guessing roots are getting at least some water.
        Other than it not doing much the plant loks ok. (pics).
        Is slow growth "normal"?
        I will try the patient approach.


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          Water in a circle around the plant so the roots have to reach for it.

        Look at this. Go to the gwe site and look up how to water
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          All my autoflowers do the same thing - just like yours - they get to the stage yours is in and then sit and don't do much for 10 to 14 days.

          Reason they don't look like they are doing much is cuz they are growing their roots - filling the pot with roots - once they accomplish this they then begin their vertical growth.

          Like you said - patience.

          Best way to encourage vertical growth is to water your pot until you get some runoff - then the plant knows how big their home is.
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            misting could be the problem. watering the soil is much better than misting the plant. although seedlings don't need a lot of water, as long as you are not drowning it and are checking the soil for dryness then add a bit more. Also, at that temp (22C), the soil isn't going to dry out very fast. Check it every 3 days should be fine.

            Additionally seedlings don't require that much light (think early spring) so move the light up at least another 12 inches (to 24). they will use more light as they develop more leaves (think solar panels).

            Ultimately some plants take longer than others. Be patient and things will likely turn out fine. just remember to increase the temp as the seedlings grow. 22C is a bit on the cool side but they will be fine like that for a couple of weeks.
            I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


              Thank you all for your advice and for replying, will keep you posted on any developments.
              thanks all, much appreciated.


                Canuck147 hit the nail on the head. It's growing, you just don't see it. Autos will look like they stalled in the first few weeks but they are actually growing out they're roots. Give it time and less water. They drown easily.
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                  Check this link:
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