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HELP - high humidity and curing

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    HELP - high humidity and curing

    Hi all - first time grower here.

    I had 4 plants, and have cut three down to hang, with one in jars. I had to use my shed for drying as my harvest was way bigger than I expected. (Good problem to have.) My first crop of Blue Dream needed 13 days to dry.

    Our current humidity levels are around 75% outside, and 64% inside the house. My jars are at 63% with a hygrometer. They are inside a large wood drawer, inside a dark room.

    Why is the humidity is going up inside the jars when I burp them? It goes up to about 68-70%, then drops again inside the jars.

    Also - harvesting question. I have a 9 foot tall Blueberry that isn't quite ready yet, but temperatures are dropping to 6C at night. Should I wait or harvest now in case of frost.

    I go by this chart once they hit jars. They’ll fluctuate for a week or two then they’ll stable out. Once the humidity meter stays between 62-66% I set the jars in a cooler in ny basement and don’t open them for 2-4wks. Really depends on how badly I want to smoke it
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