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Auto flower Coco Grow : New grower facing some deficiency.

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    HELP! Auto flower Coco Grow : New grower facing some deficiency.

    Hey guys! New grower here. Need help identifying the deficiency.

    Strain: Northern Lights Autoflower.
    Grow medium : Calmag buffered Coco + perlite mix

    The plant is 56 days old. For the first 35 days the growth was very slow. Then it picked up pace and is an okay size now. But I’m facing some sort of deficiency.

    starting from the bottom up, the leaves are turning yellows from the tips first then the edges. Don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll post a few pictures of the leaves and the plant as a whole.

    Please help with identifying the problem and possible solutions.


    I’m using Three Part Liquid Nutrients. Posting the details of which via pictures attached to this post.

    Nutrition used :

    Liquid Trio: Micro + Grow + Flower
    Calmag supplement

    Ratio of Nutrients Per 5 Litres of RO water along with corresponding ECs at each stage of mixing the nutes!

    15 ml Calmag : EC 0.329
    25ml Micro : EC 0.697
    25ml Grow : EC 1.212
    25ml Flower : EC 1.465

    ph after mixing the nutes : 6.0


      I’m the wrong guy for this but since no one else is I’ll say try trim it up and try straight water for a few days. See how it does. Your going to be reducing nitrogen soon ?


        Not sure on the nutes you’re using but 15ml per 5ltr of cal mag seems a lot. I use 1ml per ltr.


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