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Carbon filter purchase . Whatsthe ideal?

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    Carbon filter purchase . Whatsthe ideal?

    Well i am about to get a carbon air filter for my grow room but i dont know what size is the ideal. Ihave a space 1.6×3.2 ft and height 3.2 ft. Thecarbon filters i saw have for example 365m3/h is this enought for my grow room? Iwant to go as cheap as it can for the smell to disapear
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    Howdy Giannhs, By what You have listed, Your grow space is 16.384 cubic feet, the fan system You show is listed at 6.083 cubic meter per minuet, or 214.82 cubic feet per minuet. one cubic meter is equal to 35.314 cubic feet. I would want to change out the air at a rate of 1.5 to 2 times per minuet (2 x would be 32.768 cfm), the fan listed is approximately six times more than what would be need to ventilate Your grow space. High velocities in air systems can produce unwanted noise as well as sucking in the sides of the grow space! LOL!!!
    All joking aside, You could get the job done with a smaller fan around 1 cubic meter per minuet (or 60 per hour).
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      Really? thats awsome man . So with 100 per hour its ok cause i cant find with 60 . Alsohow can i check for less noise

    • DW2
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      Giannhs, Turbulence causes the 'noise' in an air system and is aggravated by too high of a velocity in the duct work. A smaller 4 inch diameter fan would ,most likely, work for the small grow space that You have. Using a smaller fan (in a 6 inch diameter duct) will lower the velocity reducing the noise and allow better absorption by the filter because the air is in contact with the carbon a little longer. Also smooth surfaces inside the duct will reduce noise and improve the flow in the system. To calculate the velocity in the duct, One divides the cubic feet per minuet of the fan by the cross sectional area (in square feet) of the ducting. A 6 inch diameter duct has .1964 square foot area, if the fan produces 33 CFM then the expected velocity would be approximately 166.8 feet per minuet.

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