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New pistills at the end of flower

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    New pistills at the end of flower

    This amnesia haze auto keeps making new white hairs . Itsin week 10 and i am pointing to maximum thc . All milky trichomes and some amber . But why all those new pistills . Cani harvest or should i wait untill no more white pistils
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    It looks like you have some light stress that is causing foxtailing. This can also cause new pistils to form. This is exactly why the pistil method on determining harvest is not as accurate as the trichome method. As long as your trichs are cloudy then dont worry about the pistils. Typically yes, most of the pistols should be brown and curling but some strains can have new pistils form throughout the grow and some forms of stress can cause this too. To me it looks like the tips of your buds are foxtailing slightly which can be genetic but can also be plants being too close to lights.
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      Exactly true what Tersky is telling you. The plant has run it's course an is just pushing cause of the lights thinking it's still got to survive. Make sure your not just looking at the very tops look also down mid way on the plant. You may want to harvest just the first several inches and then allow the lower half to keep ripening Giannhs many times midway down is not as ready as the top half.

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