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    Hi everyone I have a outside grow that got pollinated seeds galore.. Question? The buds are HUGE and very very sticky i mean I have never had such sticky weed is there a reason that its that sticky or is it because of the seed growth? Is going to be usable more than just eatables? help....

    I realize I'm old and some times memory fades with time but I seem to remember back around half a century ago all weed had seeds in it. We would just clear the seeds from the flower and smoke it. Okay I'll be serious the stickiness or abundance of trichomes which is part of how the plant protects it's self may have been caused by a difference in environment . For example this growing season may have had lower than normal average humidity or more days with higher temperatures. The main reason I think for anyone to decide their grow would be best turned into an extract for edibles or maybe hash for smoking would be if it were subpar in quality or effects. On another note you now have a shit pot of seeds to play with. I told a friend yesterday I have a baggie of seeds from a grow that hermied and was thinking of sprouting them and planting them on side of a hill along the highway that runs trough town and walk away. Maybe someone in need will find them or maybe they get pollinated and it's the start wild weed growing across my part of the world.


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      yes indeed, we would get dime bags and half the weight would be seeds. We pursued that pot, regardless of how we think about seeded cannabis today. We pursued it because we liked it and seeded pot was the only cannabis you could get anyway.

    • Ckbrew
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      I like the idea of spreading them all over the place. Hemp used to grow wild along the roadways all over the country US. Would love to see a return to that.

    Seedy weed is annoying, but can be very good, and if it is very good you have seeds to grow on. Seeds are said to hurt the flavors, and may also cause slightly lower THC, I think both are true. I seeded some and intended to make extracts/hash with it, however it smokes nice, so.


      I hate to sound like a historian, it used to be that all weed came with seeds. That is why cardboard album covers were invented. I do remember the advent of some of the first green "sinsemilla" that remarkably had no seeds, was super potent, and tasted great. In retrospect that was the advent of serious cultivation methods. But I digress. Clean it and smoke it Dorry . Check with the 70s for the album cover.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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        For the more athletically inclined, frisbees were always handy

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        I had a tupper ware storage container while in college I'd slip it in the sleeve of my jean jacket. Found if I flipped the jacket from hanging over one shoulder to the other and didn't flinch when it hit my back while handing security my ticket it wouldn't get search going into concerts.

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        Much better and older aluminun cans with screw lids

      In my last Blueberry grow, you couldn't tell the seeded buds and the not-as-seeded buds were the same strain. The seedy BB only smelled a bit peppery. Sinse smells like blueberries are growing in your brain. Tangie, which hasn't finished yet, seems to be frosty pollinated or not. They might have gotten pollinated a bit too early too. Either way, it's stupidly orangey and frosty.
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