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Advice on drying?

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    Advice on drying?

    Hello all,

    Harvesting time approaching, time for setting up for drying, and I need some advise.

    I've planned on drying in a 60 X 90 X 135 cm tent, using a fan and dehumidifier inside.
    Rather than evacuating the air from the tent, try "burping" it periodically to preserve aromas.

    The main room with the tent have good temp, but is perhaps a bit high in humidity. I'll run a air-cleaner there with a carbon filter, ion stuff after the "burps".

    Any advice on the setup above? Viable?

    A second topic... I have an Ozone generator, which I could use to desinfect any kill bad stuff. Will it kill terpenoids too?


    Due to hot temps and high humidity here this time of year, I brown paper bag the buds and put them in the fridge. Remove any baking soda/fragrant foods first.

    Check out the Lotus Slow Cure method for cannabis/herbs. Supposed to preserve most of the terpenes that are volatile at higher temps.

    Edit: Those ozone things are generally sold to remove odors, I wouldn't have one anywhere near drying/curing buds.
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    Learned a lot this year. pH and whiteflies are issues that need controlling. Maybe an auto over January.....hmmmm...


      You’d be better off drying the buds in the room without the tent


        Whatever your method, stop when you reach 10-15% bud moisture content.


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